May 15th, 2006


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Wow… It’s been a while since I posted something here. So, fellow RPG players, I need some professional opinions here.

In a couple of weeks I’m nipping off to Africa (Burkina Faso to be specific) to teach for a few years, and I wanted to bring along an RPG. My original idea was Nephilim: Revelation – I liked the idea of playing a French RPG in a French-speaking country, but that’s fallen through. Not only is Nephilim a bit expensive (about $40 plus shipping), it’s also a bit too occult for me to comfortably teach in a place where RPGs are unheard of.

And so, my question to you is this: which RPG would you recommend for a new group of role-players? The games I’ve already decided against are ones with overly occult settings, D&D, and Whitewolf games. I’m open to just about everything else.
Tim the Enchanter

Need some ideas for a prestige class

Howdy all.

I'm playing AD&D 3.5 and I have a player who wants to create a "Puppetmaster"-type prestige class. Basically a mage who crafts/animates, well, puppets. They should vary from a couple of inches tall, up to say, troll sized. Any ideas ranging from material components to prerequisites will be welcome. I have some solid ideas, but I welcome the wisdom of the community.