May 14th, 2006

4th Ed D+D???

Okay, just by way of warning - this post will be a 'rant' (though I despise the word I know it's the one many identify with).

I am hearing noises that next summer D+D 4th Edition will be out.

And that makes me very very mad.

Now, I know I'm supposed to accept that writing gaming books is a business and business thrives on the new-new-new. But somehow that just doesn't wash in my head.

I am not made of money. I guess that's the crux of my argument. How many times can a game company shamelessly ask me to pay for the same damn game books over and over again?

I mean, if I buy these books, that's THREE copies of the Core rules I will have bought. Not to mention all the stuff that gets reprinted so it's in line with the current edition. More money, more money. When is the game good enough as presented? When does a company have the courage - when all ideas are exhausted - to simply move on to something else?

And why do we as gamers put up with it?

And we do, don't we?

And the first method of our longsufferance is what? That old, tired retort "Well, no one is gonna come to your house and confiscate the old editions - you can play them still, there is no law saying you have to buy the new editions..." Wonk, Wonk, Wonk.

As if. As if they don't know full well that when a new Edition comes out the hobby marches onwards and anyone not on board gets left behind. Yes, I know somewhere out there there is someone who still plays AD+D 2nd Ed, but I'll be damned if it's anyone I know personally, and I'll be damned if 2nd Ed D+D is gonna attract NEW gamers. It'll be the same old farts and the same old tired ideas.

Man oh Man this makes me mad.

You wanna know how game companies SHOULD be making money?

NEW IDEAS!! Not new editions!

And if they're out of ideas for one game, make another for cryin out loud. The Open Game Liscence is nowhere near as open as people are led to believe. WOTC has retained a LOT of rights to do whatever they want to - USE THEM. Stop asking me to pay for the same three core books with tweaks over and over and over again.

I am not made of money. I will go elsewhere.

When You Thought It Was One Thing, But Really Another

I'm not posting this in my usual forum of choice because every thread there that so much as mentions Mage turns into everyone loudly declaiming past each other about how they chose to run that game. Lots of replies, but little discussion, if you see what I mean.

Anyways, I was in the FLGS yesterday talking with an acquaintance about the nWoD books and how we generally preferred the first set of games -- he Vampire and myself Mage, specifically. One thing I kept thinking, but didn't say because I'm just sick of saying it, is that the nWoD games are very much more Gothic horror-oriented, which is fine for them that likes it.

But that thought must have triggered a subconscious thought cascade, or something, because several hours after that conversation, I had a mini-revelation about why I like Mage -- and, incidentally, Changeling -- so much.

It's because they're so readily regeared for urban fantasy. That's really my genre of choice. I find myself gravitating towards those games that incorporate urban fantasy tropes, or, as in the case of Mage and Changeling, require only a minimum of effort to include them.

Just felt like sharing that little epiphany with y'all.