May 9th, 2006


Game a Day

Since the suicide of one of the founding members of the Ambient Inc. d20 team and a very dear friend of mine (the artist for Necromancer's Legacy & Librum Equitis), I've found it nearly impossible to put any energy into running, writing or working on RPGs at any level.

In an effort to remind myself how much games have meant for me, for the past 10 week days I've been posting roughly 1,000 words a day about an RPG I've played, run or owned. So far I've been posting these to my livejournal (and will be archiving them on in time), but I've been considering crossposting said posts to this community also. But first I wanted to make sure no one would object to me crossposting them (since some of you have my account as well as this community on your friends list).

You can check out the entries in question in my journal. I would like to hear opinions on whether or not I should be crossposting them here.


M Jason Parent
Ambient Inc. & E.N. Publishing