May 7th, 2006



I have a question regarding Shadowrun. I just picked up the 4th edition rules the other day and have been quite absorbed with them. It's been a pretty long time since I last played and even then I only played two one-session games. Picking up the rules, I'd like to run a game for my friends.

One thing that I find the book is lacking, however, is a method of matching NPC's to Players in relation to combat, much akin to a D&D "Challenge Rating" system. The book does describe a "Professional Rating" which certain groups can be assigned based upon thier level of training, but its very arbitrary and it doesn't suggest any method of matching thier level to the player's "Level", even though levels don't really exist in this game. There is some level of common sense involved obviously, I mean a team of first timers is obviously not going to go take down Ghostwalker and a team of seasoned veterans of total Karma of around 200 or so will walk all over a group of Policlub Goons.

How you you measure the players against the enemy? Do I have to build each and every gaurd and commando from scratch to match the players in order to provide them with sufficient challege? Granted I haven't read the rulebook cover to cover just yet, but I'm pretty sure I've covered everything that pertains to NPC's. Are there any rules like this that exist is previous editions? If not then do any of you have any "rules of thumb" that you'd be willing to pass on?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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