May 4th, 2006


The Middle East

Over half of the people on earth consider the middle east to be a land of religious significance (be it Jews, Muslims or Christians) I've found this to be very under-represented in roleplaying. The middle east has such a long and eventful culture, one would think that there would be many suppliments, games and settings for it in many systems.

My character in my Cyberpunk game is an Isreali fixer, who speaks Hebrew as his first language. I let his background shape who he is, from his manerisms (using hebrew/arabic slang) to his dress sytle and choice of career (lawyer)

I'd love to run some sort of game (any system) set in the area. I don't mean like a fanciful/stereotypical one, but one that reflects on the backgrounds of the peoples.

Has anyone else had exprience with campaigns with a setting like this?