April 25th, 2006

Voodoo Dolly


So I'm starting my first Exalted Session. This isn't a problem, though learning the cities and nations and what they're like will take some getting used to.

The one thing I'm having difficulty with, and I that I expect some resistance from (from my players) is how I'm handling the Great Curse.

See, the way I see the Great Curse, is that it takes a negative aspect of a person's normal personality, and amplifies it. Each Virtue Flaw is a facet of the character's personality, and is as important to defining the character as their Motivation (or Nature) is.

A character with Berserker Rage is normally an angry, violent sort. A character with Foolhardy Courage is prone to jumping the gun and leaping into conflicts. A character with Ascetic Drive tends to own only what they carry, and shun material things.

I want the players to play up these aspects of their characters, and I want to see a Limit Break (or Virtue) roll at least once a session from someone, and hopefully more than once from multiple players. I want to see a full-blown Break at least twice per Story.

When a character Breaks, their normal (negative) personality trait comes out full-blown and dominates the character's personality completely.

This is why the Solars are so scary -- they do not have control over their darker natures. I want this emphasized in my campaign.

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Running combat in PbP RPGs?

Does anyone here have any idea about where to run combat in a WoD Play-by-Post (journal-based) game? I like the medium of Play-by-Post, because we don't have to worry about scheduling difficulties (which can be hellish with players on different schedules, in different time zones, etc.) and I much prefer the interface, but am looking for some medium to run combats that doesn't slow everything down to a crawl.

Some notes - I've never done IRC, I don't use IM, and I don't MU*. A BBS/board would pretty much have the same problems as a journal-based game (at least, in my experience, having GMed and played board-based games in the past).

I know there *used* to be "free" (i.e., ad-supported) browser-based chat rooms. Do any of those still exist? Or are there any inexpensive sorts of software to do the same thing on a domain?
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