April 24th, 2006


Hot Damn!

Holy Crap!

Ok, I already really liked 50 Fathoms, but tonight just sold me on it even more.

So I had an adventure planned out, to introduce the two new PCs. A storm was to push our heroes to port, where they'd wait out the storm in a tavern, full of strangers also seeking shelter from the storm, some of whom had their own dangers and stories...

But the afternoon before the game, I got an email from one player saying she couldn't make it, and a call from the other saying he had something come up.

(Insert rant here.)

Now, the story I had planned was specifically designed to introduce some new PCs, and now that I wasn't, there wasn't much reason to run it. So I decided just to wing it. I literally went in with no notes what so ever, and just ran things based on the 50 Fathoms encounter tables.

So here's what happened:

Our heroes were in Kiera, and set sail for Deiking, to buy opium for the pirate Magnus in Bridandy Bay. They had a small crew, just 3 PCs (Mirth the hookhanded captain, Red Roberts the greedy first mate and Avia the swashbuckling female sailor) and two extras (Caias the sailor and Teldaris the Kraken mage). (Here's a map. Our heroes were sailing from the Kieran Empire to the western side of the Free Towns, and then back to Brigandy Bay.)
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All in all, a hell of a night for not having anything planned. We're switching back to Orpheus next week, but when we come back to 50F, I think the heroes are going to try for another opium run. But this time the privateers of the British East India Company will be on the lookout for them...
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Tell Me About Your Character

Yeah, that's right. I'm breaking my normal "Don't tell me about your character" motto. For one, we're not at a Con, and for another, you aren't some random creepy dork accosting me as I'm waiting in line for tacos.

So tell me about the character you're playing these days. No cheating and naming a favorite past character either, it has to be one you're currently playing in a game going on now. If you're not playing in anything, or you're GMing something, well too damned bad. Start your own post.

So yeah, describe your character. What do you like about him? What do you dislike? What game is it for? What's your character up to? Have you done anything totally cool?

Go ahead and geek out, that's what this post is for.
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GMs: What's Up?

This is the companion post to Tell Me About Your Character, and this one's only for the GMs in the group. (Or DMs, or Storytellers, or anyone if you're playing one of those hippy games like Capes.)

So tell me, what's going on in your game as of the last session? What are the players up to? What sort of danger did they go through? Any cool events/scenes/encounters? Anything cool or unexpected happen? Anything totally lame happen?
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Combat Tactics

Hello all,

Long time lurker, infrequent poster here...I was having a discussion with my group the other day and it has led me to gather opinions on how different groups/GM's handle the issue of out-of-character combat tactics/planning during combat.

I have played in games where NO OOC combat talk is allowed. Anything said is assumed to be in character, therefore once combat begins, the best the party could hope for is to bellow "HEAL ME!" or "GET THE LEADER!" at one another.

However, I have also played in games where it is not uncommon to have 5 minute OOC discussions of tactics before each initiative roll.

As a GM for 22 years, my preference seems to lie somewhere in the middle. I tend to turn a blind eye to simple 10-20 second discussions between players such as "Shoot the leader or attack the underlings?" or "Should I heal, or fight?" However, as a discussion about tactics drags on, I usually put a stop to it with "Well, you couldn't be discussing all this mid-battle, so roll initiative, please".

It also should be noted that I am somewhat more lenient with newer players, and allow other players to advise them more often than I would allow some of my veterans.

How does this type of thing work in your group?