April 23rd, 2006


D&D Prestige Class check

I've created two new prestige classes for my upcoming D&D game, and would appreciate some advice/feedback from those who like to crunch mechanics. Links here: Stargazer and Fortune Dancer.

There are four major deities on the "good" side of things, each one is getting a custom prestige class. The Stargazers belong to Groot Getal (LG), a god of knowledge, time, law, and stars. One of Groot's goals is to foster the creation and preservation of knowledge for the benifit of civilization, and the Stargazers are a scholarly organization dedicated to that goal. Girata Getal (CG) is a goddess of fire, magic, trickery, and entertainment, and emphasizes personal strength over dependence on society. The Fortune Dancers have no formal organization--the original dancers are said to have be taught by Girata when she was still mortal, and the tradition is passed down from master to student one person at a time.

Mechanics-wise, I'm pretty happy with the Stargazers, but it seems the Fortune Dancers are a bit overpowered. In my mind, this would be balanced by the fact that the FD's are exceedingly rare, but any suggestions for toning them down would be appreciated.
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Info on bullet wounds....

I am posting this here as it is some quite interesting information on the human reaction to gunshot wounds by someone who has been (according to his own testamony) shot 6 times:

Found here:Student Doctor Network > Emergency Medicine (NOTE: Do NOT read if you are squeamish in any way shape or form. Text only but NSFW)
Post by BobbyJ on 02-02-2006, 04:16 AM
Hey folks, just got directed here by a friend specifically BECAUSE of this thread. Not a doc, no longer in EMS, spent 8 years after getting out of the Army as an EMT in Seattle and K.C.

Only wanted to post to comment on two things that seemed to be widely held ideas by other posters. The first being the sense of amazement at the "dedication" required of an attempted suicide to shoot themselves multiple times in quick succession, apparantly due to the idea of the pain the "victim" must be suffering after the first shot.

I've been shot several times (mostly military incidents, but two were of the "self-inflicted wound" category), in 6 seperate incidents. Collapse )

game suggestions needed

I'm looking for suggestions on this.

I've begun work on creating a mission style game, which will be set in either d20 Modern or BESM(not fully familar on BESM rules). The characters will be placed in a house together and given various objectives that they will need to go complete. Each mission they have will have a good/evil rating, indicated by a number rangeing from -10 up to 10. Most missions have a range like, -3<->3 or -6<->2 or something of the like.

Now, I'm currently working on getting ideas for missions. The world where the character's house is in our world, but the missions take place on different worlds of existants. What I'm wondering, is does anyone have any ideas I can use for missions? I'm kinda stuck at 15 at the moment, and I'm hopeing for at least 30. Pretty much all I'd need is the name, good/evil rating, and a basic description of what needs to be completed during the mission. I can fill in the blanks as needed.

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