April 21st, 2006

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Capes: Playing with The Past

Crossposted to my journal.

I recently posted an "Actual play" summary of what went down in my first experiment with the Capes system (yeah, the game that zamiel and I keep yammering about), and I've been fussing about with creating more folks for further experiments. For the time being, my group and I have decided to keep going with the supers thing until we feel more comfortable with the system's play-style. I've created wikis (one for the comics-type games and one for the WWII one) for us to post designs and snippets of backstory, etc, and I thought I'd share a few things I put up there.

Today, I'm posting a little bit of information on the now-defunct super-group Omega Force. That's the team that Stone Fist was part of before his retirement. I decided to flesh out the team's former (and often dearly departed) members in order to give stronger context to some existing Exemplar relationships and because I have decided that I want to make use of flashback sequences in game as a source of Debt and Inspirations for scenes set in the game's modern era, as well as to get my pals' imaginations churning.  In other words, I'm toying with implications of how the Capes mechanics don't care about temporal relationships between scenes.

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