April 17th, 2006

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First Shadowrun Game

I ran my first Shadowrun(4th Ed) game on Sunday. I think it went ok...

Shadowrun is ridiculously complicated to play. I love the concept it's just the rules/modifiers tend to bog down the game play. You have to look a lot of stuff up. Modifiers and rule descriptions mostly.

I've been thinking about ways to make the game more streamlined to run. One of the things I tried for the players was to print off some 3x5 cards with various charts and turn sequences. I think they appreciated it but there were too many cards and they had to fumble them to find what they needed. I think I'm going to take the cards and turn them into a rules summary packet of 2 or 3 pages. That will be easier for the players to find what they need.

I want to do the tactical combat with miniatures on a hex grid. We didn't' get to combat during the first game so I didn't get to try it. I'm thinking about trying a series of combat tests on paper this week to see if I can figure out how to streamline it a little.

There are 4 basic combat modes in Shadowrun. Tactical Combat, Chase/Rigger Combat, Astral Combat, and Matrix Combat. While they are all based on a similar turn/initiative system it's still a pain to have to run each of them. Especially if they are running at the same time. That really bogs things down.

I think I'm going to rewrite the players character sheets to have the rule summaries of each of their skills described so we don't have to look up the obscure ones. I think if the players have the stats right next to the skills it make it easier to use them.

I think I set up the NPC's pretty well. I created a series of 3x5 cards with the NPC stats. That way I can only pull out the ones I want and leave the rest out of the way. I put the armor and damage boxes on there so I could track each of them on the cards. I failed to put the gun/melee stats on them. I'll add those for next time. One problem is the 3x5 cards don't have a lot of space on them for a lot of stats. I guess I could put the descriptions on one side and the stats on the other. I think that would work.

One thing I think worked very well was the maps I produced. I used images from Google local and modified them in a paint program(Paint shop Pro 9) to produce Seattle 2070. I really thing the players appreciated that. Google Local produced very game friendly maps.

I've only got 3 players right now which isn't enough to cover all the tasks in a shadow run so I created 2 Prime NPC's. I think the NPC's work in pretty well but I'm concerned that the NPC's not do too much. The players really need to handle the bulk of the tasks. It's tempting to use the NPC's when the players get stuck. NPC's work great for obscure knowledge skills though.

I'd love to hear your experiences with Shadowrun. I'm still looking for ideas to streamline game play.
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Hi people!

I'm doing a project on a certain personality trait, and how gamers compaire to the population as a whole (well, college students), and if people who game more are more likely to have higher levels of this trait. To be fair, this is a very small study, involving only around 85 people as a whole, for my psych class.

I'm currently working on the proposal, and I'm left with a question in my head.

What term should I use? Should I use the generic gamers? Or should I use the better sounding Roleplayers?

I'm just curious as to what the community thinks.

Also when I'm finished with the whole study, if people are interasted, I'd be willing to post my results somewhere and link to it. Like I said, its a small group, but I hope to eventally be able to do this on a much larger scale.

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