April 12th, 2006

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I am looking to make a Lich in my home game that is from a lost human empire that vanished about 10,000 years ago.I am using magic rules from the Conan games and the world itself is low magic.The human empire that vanished was after a catastrophic event.That changed the face of the world.The Human empire at the time was at war with another empire that was older than theirs.The Meastains have been around for about 1500 years while this other race(Serpent-Men) have been around for over 100,000,000 years(they are pretty dam old).Well at the height of this war this event happened,and cause massive tidal waves,earth-quakes and volcanic eruptions all of the world changing the climates in some parts as well.Well after all this some very privative humans started to come about.
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Administrivia: New Project?

So one of the ideas I've been kicking around for this community is possibly doing some sort of an interview with game developers - so people here can learn more about their games.

The format would be similar to the interviews that Slashdot does: basically I post a thread identifying our subject where people can propose questions. I pick 10 or so of the best ones and forward them on to the interviewee, who answers them - then I post his answers. Are people interested in participating in this?

Confession: I Never Stat Up NPCs

It's true. The last character I did was about two years ago, and that was mainly to get an idea of what this character would look like, and I never referenced said stats in game.

Fortunately, I typically run Savage Worlds or nWoD, two games where I don't really need to know full stats for most NPCs.

An undead, hypnotic sea creature is attacking the PCs. She's using her hypnosis power, which is um... d10 and a wild die. She then goes to attack, um... d8. (Now I don't actually say this out oud and stall the game. Picking the necessary stat takes about half a second and I do it while reaching for the dice.)

Same thing in my nWoD Orpheus game. You're attacking the angry Poltergeist? Ok, Defense of 2. He then swings a congealed axe at you at... 10 dice, minus your defense.

I don't really see how the game would be improved by me figuring this up in advance, or coming up with the stats for things I'll never use. (Do I need to know the angry Poltergeist's Streetwise score? Probably not. If I do, I'll make up a number on the spot.)

So how about you? What are your habits/preferences in regards to statting up npcs? Why?
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