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Saturday, April 8th, 2006
12:34a - D20 Questions
Okay. Is there any reason not to make a magic item with either Shield or Improved Invisibility or True Strike as a magic item?  Say, put them in a ring or armour?  Being immune to Magic Missile is fairly nice, as is having a perpetual +20 to hit.

Second, anyone have any idea what the ECL for the Paragon Template from the Epic book might be?  For a lark, I want to make a character which has a single Character Class, plus that Template as an NPC, but I'm not sure what the ECL is.  It has a CR of +15, but rarely does the CR and ECL match up exactly.

current mood: amused

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8:51p - Deliria
Wondering if anyone has played, heard of and/or reviewed the game Deliria? I'm looking for opinions before I drop the $$$ for the core book and one supplement. I'm an old time gamer looking for something new and different. Thanks in advance. (May be cross-posted here and there in other gaming communities, but since I don't belong to all that many...)

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