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Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
5:36p - Space Pirates!
Ok, I really want to play in a RP game. Not run (though I'd love having a tabletop group to run stuff for), but play.

And what do I want to play in?

Did you not see the title?

Yes, I want to play a scifi pirate. Outer space pirate, that is. Boarding a ship and shootin' (and cutting, b/c all pirates should have swords, even if they're laser-swords!) up the guards that try to stop us from kidnapping/plunderin'.


System doesn't matter, I could even settle for something d20... but prefer something more like FATE/Savage Worlds/MEGS/Storyteller/Storytelling/orsomethingelse.

So... what are you guys jonesing for (preferably something that you're not likely to play?)

current mood: yarrrrr!

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