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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
1:07p - Hard Science Fiction RPG?
Hey folks,

I'm looking for a change of pace for my tabletop gaming group; we've been playing D&D3.x for the last few years and the thrill of dragonslaying is starting to wear. I'm thinking that some hard science fiction would be a nice change.

So, I'm looking to find a decent system, hopefully backed up with a couple of sourcebooks but not requiring a massive investment in splatbooks and sourcebooks out the wazoo. I'm prepared to fork out, say, $100 max.

As a major criteria for the setting, I would like it to be completely free of magic (or the Force, or psionics in touch with the afterlife, or any of the other magic-cloaks that SF sometimes wears.) This time around, I just want gritty realism bundled with a playable system.

Any suggestions?

current mood: curious

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4:17p - (midsouth con)
is anybody here going to be attending Midsouth Con this year?

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