March 19th, 2006



Okay... here's a conversational thingy for you guys. Post (in the comments) a scene that fits into the idea of 'fairy world roleplaying'. The scene should be systemless, and should be lacking in specifics so people can easily drop it into their game. The idea is to quickly get a bunch of cool capsule scenes that people can use. The fairy world one is because I happen to have a scene in my mind for that, but if this goes well we could try it with other things. Lets try and avoid fighting over what fits and doesn't, because that sort of thing is fairly boring to read.

My submission:
The lake of alcoholism. A large lake, with the far side barely visible. The 'waters' are different alchols, with rivers and streams of different kinds of alcohol feeding into the lake. The lake is surrounded by men and women desperately slurping and drinking, some swimming in the lake, fighting with each other to have room. The players will possibly think this is great, but let them realise there is no actual water nearby, and the lake is full of salt (probably making it taste nasty), so they could die of thirst while next to a large body of liquid.

Admittedly, that scene would probably fit better into hell, but meh.

RIP Dennis Mize

Ganked from the sjgames feed:
Dennis Mize, one of Ral Partha's first sculptors and unquestionably one of our hobby's great talents, died at his home a few days ago. He lived alone, and the exact time and cause of death are not known. He was only 49.

In addition to Ral Partha, Dennis also sculpted for Dark Sword Miniatures and Reaper Miniatures. Dennis was probably best known for his fantasy interpretations of the female form divine, but I was equally fond of his incredible dinosaurs!

The Dark Sword Miniatures site has a memorial page showing many of his sculptures.
-- Steve Jackson
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Lots of books for sale

Well, I need the money, and I honestly don't think I'll be using these books again. It'd make me happy for someone else to get some use out of them (not so happy that I'd give them away, but you know).

Anyway, buttloads of books here, including:

Shadow Court!

The Enchanted!

The Autumn People!

Constantinople by Night!

And many more!