March 17th, 2006


[Actual Play] Adventure! -- Journey into Inner-Earth

Since November or so, once a month at the FLGS, myself and some others get together to try out a new RPG. Tonight was my turn to run something, and I proposed Adventure!

I have to admit, I was nervous about the game going in because the idea of a pulp genre game got a very lukewarm reception. Two players had other committments, a third I never heard from and a fourth was 50/50. As it turned out, none of them came, but there were still three players, and we had a blast.

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My Worst Game Geek Moment...

in a while...

after a comment about how my Crown Royal bag looks like I've actually used it since I started gaming comes a degression on how it's my third dice container after my tea tin of dice during Jr. High through college then an empty pasta sauce jar until my ex-wife threw it (and the dice) out on me then this Crown Royal bag only for the past few years so it's not a sign of how old school I am (even though I am) and...

And about then I realized I was being that guy and shut up.