March 14th, 2006


One-shot hand-out

Hi all. Inspired by a recent post on a Hellboy RPG someone is running, I whipped up the following concept for a one-shot. It's designed as being something fairly similar to Hellboy, but with it's own sort of flavour. The document is exactly 1 page in .rtf, as is made with the assumption that the players will be given it to read at the start of the game. The system is that 'Above the Earth' one.


Is the handout...
1) Interesting?
2) Easy to read?
3) Informative enough that you feel like you could sit down and start to play in the setting for a one-shot (or possibly even a longer campaign)?

Also, I'm aware that 'arabs' is not the best descriptor to use. That will be changed.

I'm just looking for some feedback before I try running it past my players (I suspect it'll be a hard sell), and was hoping you guys could throw some notes at me. Thanks.

Capes and the Story Arc

If you play Capes or just have an abiding interest in the superhero game genre (and a passing knowledge of With Great Power wouldn't hurt), I've written an extended post writing a Story Arc optional system for Capes up on my personal blog.

I tend to write fairly narratively-inspired game design posts on my blog, so looking through the post history might intrigue if you feel a vague calling in that direction.

Comments, as ever, are welcome.

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Rawkin Chewbawkin

Grim & Gritty

I'm currently running a Midnight, Second Edition, D&D game for 3.5. For those of you unfamiliar with the setting, imagine Middle Earth if Sauron had won.

I'm using a combat method I learned at someone else's table, where the GM (me) keeps track of the PCs' hit points and describes the effect of wounds to relate how superficial or deadly a particular blow can be. The majority of the group favors this, however in my wholly insecure pursuit of feedback, it has come to light that my descriptive portrayal of torn flesh and spilling blood is a bit too detailed, and was, in the case of a particularly threatening combat, disturbing to a couple of players.

My question for the forum is: do you as gamemasters lean toward immersive storytelling and descriptive narrative that carries over into combat, with lurid details of swords biting into flesh, bullets ripping holes in clothing and armor, or blaster bolts searing into skin, or do you favor a more light hearted and general approach, revealing only the amount of damage in game mechanics? I understand such things can vary by group, but I'm curious how setting, system, experience and personal preference come into the equation. I welcome the insight of players who have experienced such things as well.
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Orpheus - Actual Play

Click The Clicky Thing!

My favorite part of the first session was just how poorly they worked together by the end. The PCs just barely avoided the whole thing being a gigantic clusterfuck. This puts them in a very interesting place for the rest of the chronicle, to me. Will they learn to work together? Will Mason turn into a real leader? Will someone else step up and try to take charge? Will Aeddan just become a psychotic ghostly psycho? I can't wait to find out.

Fireborn - a call for HELP

hello all -

i'm new to the community - but mostly because i'm looking for anything anyone has to say about the fantasy flight RPG called Fireborn

i have fallen in love with the concept of the player being a dragon reborn in modern europe and the thought of gameplay both in the modern day europe setting as well as the ancient time, but i'm unsure of the system and am having trouble learning it - if anyone out there is able to help me out with either learning or even running this system, please comment and let me know

or you can send me an instant message through aim - my screen name is AstraStarstreak
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