March 12th, 2006

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Any thoughts

I am wondering if anyone knows where I can find or has info on mythology creatures?Like what was in Jason and the Argonauts,The 12 labors of Herc.,Class of the Titians.The reason I ask this is because my game ranges from the Stone age to the Iron age and I am using mythology as a part of my game.
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[Actual Play] BPRD: The Fire Brigade

In short, I created a game set in the Hellboy universe, where my players are portraying members of the BPRD. Specifically a squad I've called 'The Fire Brigade'. They're an elite first responder unit, designed to go forth and 'put out fires', which is usually synonymous with killing big nasty stuff. You can find some information on the game this link to The Usual Suspects and More.

And here are my notes from the first session.

Session #1

I'm posting this simply as a conversation topic. I'm curious to hear any thoughts, suggestions, or questions you might have, and overall to see what people think. Thanks for your attention.