March 3rd, 2006


A good final test.

So I'm designing a dungeon for my group, it's a tower they have to climb as part of a sacred test to reach (they hope) an oracle of some type. The first level is a standard dungeon (rooms traps, etc), then a room of elements (fighting elementals of all four types), a jungle full of plant-type monsters, a maze with minotaurs, and a collapsing scaffold they must climb while fighting gargoyles. What I can't seem to come up with is a final challenge before they reach the top. I thought of having to fight copies or dark reflections of themselves, but that just seems so cliche. Anyone have any ideas? Please help.
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(First time poster; if this isn't the sort of thing you post here or otherwise unwelcome, let me know and I'll delete.)

Hello all, I come bearing a question that's a little dumb, but you know what they say about dumb questions.
I started RPing on Yahoo!'s groups (before they called them "groups" though), and have done almost all my playing either on them or one-on-one. I'm not very familiar with how you play on other sorts of sites (e.g. journals, real message boards with the threads...), much less the pros and cons of the various formats. Were I just joining a pre-existing game, I'd just ask the mods for help, but I'm trying to start a game myself. I now despise Yahoo! with a deep-seated passion, so I'm only creating the game there as a last resort.
So after all that rather boring info...
Could anyone explain to me how you handle playing on LiveJournal?

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Any examples of games (the smaller/newer/otherwise less confusing possible, the more grateful I'll be) that demonstrate, or explanations from outside sources are very much welcome.

Thank you all SO much in advance!