March 1st, 2006


Dual Era?

Hey ya'll, I had a campaign idea and wondered if anyone could maybe elaborate on some things for me, comments, etc. I just wanna know if this would work or not as a campaign world.

Basically the world is an island (averagely about the size of Asia), split into 3 parts, the Underdark, the Upper Countries, and the Southern Countries. Of course throughout the world there are neautral countries and small states and islands. The upper and lower countries are seperated by a great rift (huge mountains, almost to-the-core pit running through the center of the ridge) that goes around the equator of the planet (across lands, underwater, etc.), created by an unknown source millienias ago.

Basically my idea is that the upper countries are more Archaic, centered on swords and sorceries (using the old world armors and weapons, bows and such, undead are common-use as slaves, lands are full of magical beasts, and most dragon clans reside in these parts), the southern ones are more advanced tech-wise but lacking most of the magical luster of their Northern counterparts (have developed gunpowders and bombs, rifles and crossbows are common as well as some actual machinery like steam power and electricity). The Underdark is mostly unexplored, but the races that have either been A) Chased into it permeantly or B) Evolved and live there, have advanced a sort of techno-magic (think Eberron, elemental bound vehicles and machines, alot of metal and constructs, but no true machines like the steam-style as noted above).

Not detailed alot yet but thats cause I wanna know if it even sounds like a good idea first.