February 22nd, 2006


I have to rant..

I have to rant, I am sorry. So, my girlfriend and I, put up a post on a local BB about a game we want to run a game. Its a D&D 3.0/3.5 game. Granted we put in the post that both of us have little DM experience, but we have a hell of a lot(not using those exact words) playing experience. I have been roleplaying for, give or take, about 10 years, so I know how the game works. Anyways, we wanted to start the party off at lv 10, its respectable. Since being a player, I know that some players like have a character that they can do something with, rather then a character that just sits there waiting for a little encounter to come along. Yes.. yes.. I know, at lv 1 to ten you can have character development, well we described that we didnt have that long, since this campagin isnt going to go longer then 6 month. SO back to the point. The first post we got was some, B@#$% saying that it was a bad idea, we didnt know what we were ddoing, and that we shouldnt run our game, just with more words. OK, I will admit, my gf (the primaray DM) knows a lot less then I do about the game, thats why she has me co-dming it, I am helping. I think its a crock of S#$%, what this girl said. Putting my gf down every chance she got. We even got a email from someone that played a D&D game with this girl saying that she is like this. But I just wanted to know what you guy thought. Its a game about dragons, imagination, and anything you can think of, comming from a "players" POV (point of view). We just want a fun game, and the first post we got on it, was a major put down, what do you think?

What's Your Pre Game Reading Limit?

The character background post below brought this to mind.

Before you start a game, how much will you read before you just ignore it? Either as a GM or player?

I'm sure some people have no limit. If the GM said "Hey guys, we'll be playing a game set after The Stand starting next month, I want everyone to read it before we start, even if you read all 1,100 pages a decade or two ago." they'd jump at it and be perfectly happy.

To the other end I've been in games with players who completely ignored 2-4 page world overviews the GM had written up. I had one player in my big epic fantasy homebrew world who completely ignored the entirety of the player's handout I'd written up, about 10-15 pages of world info once you took out the pictures.

Currently I'm starting up a new Orpheus chronicle, and one of my players surprised me by getting completely sucked into the setting and just devouring the world info in the main rulebook.

For me, as a player I'm pretty cool with 20 pages or so of world info, more if it's interesting, less if it's overly confusing. As much as I dug Eberron, when we played it no one could remember the names of the different cities and countries and factions and craziness, and I really think starting smaller would have helped us all. As a GM I dislike getting more than 1 page per player of background. More than that just tends to obfuscate the main points IMO.

Anyway, how about you?