February 21st, 2006

vincent price


I'm curious as to how many folks here have used Wiki's for their players and game design process for settings. I'm working on one now at http://zamani.pbwiki.com for a game system and setting I'm going to be using in a few months, and would love to be able to compare my effort to that of others, as well as get ideas on how to improve my own or make it more navigation friendly.

I'm especially interested in other pbwiki users.

Building the hype...Dead Horse Beating 101.

I could rant on and on about my lack of games recently and how various issues broke my 'groove' as it were. But I wash my hands of it. To start afresh I'm trying to build local hype for the release of Exalted 2nd Edition.

This is a good idea because:

1. There is a local fan base.

2. The brand has had a few years to grow.

3. Local gaming shop seems to have sold its soul to Whitewolf.

However, all is not cherries and sundrops as I would wish. There is a wall of apathy around new games at my LGS. I've been knocking at that wall for some time now. I think I have the ammo to punch through, but I need a ringer to get my game going.

Note: I'll host it. Every Thursday night from 7-11ish. LGS owner knows me from wayback and I'm in good standing.

So...how would you pitch this?
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