February 17th, 2006


Lore Con News

We are now a mere eleven days from the deadline for pre-registration. If you want to get your game listed in the conbook, or want to qualify for the pre-registration rate -- a mere $25 for a whole weekend of gaming, as seen on the Registration page -- then make sure your Paypal payment is submitted, or your envelope with a registration form and check or money order is post-marked by February 28th.

Also, now appearing on the Event Schedule page, we have listed the complete line-up of Year 5 Bissel and Sheldomar Valley modules on offer from the RPGA. What's more is the session of Executive Decision we now have scheduled.


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vincent price

A Question of Style

So, out of curiousity and a desire to nudge this community into life....

What Basic Game Print Rulebook do you consider to have the best Layout in regards to readability, reference access and ease of use?

Feel free to detail your opinion on this, as I'd like to know what folks like and don't like in regards to layout concerns.