February 15th, 2006

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GM dictating a PC's actions

I used to be in a game where the GM had a habit of dictating a PC's actions to his or her player. Essentially, the GM would say to the player, "Your character thinks/says/does x...."

I will note here that in all of the cases I observed, the PC in question was not mind-controlled, possessed, or in any other way unable to control his or her actions. For some reason, this GM decided that he, and not the character's player, would be controlling the PC's actions.

I call that bad GMing - shouldn't a player be able to decide what his or her character says, does, thinks, etc.? Or shouldn't the GM at least consult with the player before pulling the, "Your character does this!" schtick?

(For those who are asking themselves, "Did she talk to the GM about this?" I did. Numerous times. Each time, he promised to mend his ways, and then lapsed back into his old habits, sometimes in the same game session. I eventually got fed up with beating my head against the proverbial wall and withdrew from his game.)
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Anti-social characters

Hm, I have a bit of a question.
I'm DMing pretty regularly for my friends these days, and I keep running into the same problem.
Lack of roleplay in the games. It seems like my npc's are the ones doing most of the talking/interacting in the games. I even have to remind my players that they haven't introduced themselves to eachother yet >.< It's really getting annoying. Mostly it's just my male players doing it. They like to build these gruff, anitsocial characters that don't really interact with anyone. I don't want to impede on their creativeness, but at the same time, I'd like a little more 'gaming' in our DnD games. It's gotten to a point where our games die really quickly because when we set up camp, there's like..no talking and everyone just gets bored, so the game ends before the story even begins to take shape. v.v|||
Any suggestions? ^.^|||

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does it count as Dius ex Machina if you make them build it?

I'm looking for ideas for not-map ways of concealing a map.
Example; a chessboard is set up and a clue is given that two specific pieces (ie; the kings)represent known locations- giving geographic area, scale, etc. This does not provide too much information on what other locations are referenced unless you can decipher more of a key, but if you know what it's a map related to it suggests places to look. Good as adventure hook or cryptic clue.

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Concerning the discussions on authorial control of players' characters, I will post some thoughts others have had on the topic.

Posted on RPG.net by American gamers

Created by Finnish gamers to explicate the rights of GM as author.

A frustrated reply to all of the above, to save you some work

The Coming Crisis in Live Roleplaying is the Snajardian response to all of the above. (Also arody-pay)

Personally I think it depends on the game. The GM can have as much control as he wants, as long as he tells me what to expect when I get into the game. No surprises. No change-ups.