February 8th, 2006

Most amusing failed roll

Just thought I'd share this one.

Our party had just crawled through muddy tunnels into a tomb, and fought some undead things. We were looking around, and I found a big mirror on the wall. The DM had me roll to see if I noticed anything odd about the mirror. I critically failed the roll.

He pauses for a moment, and then says, "You look terrible. There's mud all over you, and you have blood and dirt on your face and caked in your hair."

My character being somewhat vain, this was quite fitting. She worked on straightening herself out while the rest of the party figured out that the mirror was a portal. :)
Tux, Cthulhu

Well, i _am_ creative.

My mind was whirling at work and i thought of a new area of my existing AD&D world. I fortuantly have a world that can cope with almost limitless possibility without going broken on me. Effectively, the setting would be non-standard for a D&D world, being a somewhat isolated isle of marginally europeans. The key element would infact be the socio-religious climate of the region.

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Its just an idea of a setting, but sometime i ought to establish it and run a game.