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Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
4:51a - WANTED!
(This is not an advertisement)

My gaming company is currently working on a few projects.  One of the current projects requires someone who is a skilled linguist, specifically in the Chinese language.  We need someone who can quickly find the proper Chinese words for people and places, which sound decent in English, but wouldn't insult and annoy someone who could speak / read Chinese if the saw / read it.

If you have these skills, and want to help develop an RPG that is Chinese themed, please contact me.  If you want to actually help with writing (beyond helping with name placement and translation), we will need a sample of your work.

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10:54a - nWoD: What is the Most Valuable Supplement
Crossposted from RPG.net plus addendum.
I have all four of the core rule books and I am considering supplements now.

What do you consider the most essential supplement for the nWoD lines?
Why do you consider it so?
How often have you used it and do you consider the price worth it?

I've looked over most of them and have yet to find anything that I absolutely had to have. My biggest objection is that about half the books, and curiously the ones that have been most highly recommended, are setting and scenario related. I honestly don't need any help in those areas. I've got bushels of story ideas and NPCs.

Sell me on what you think is best.

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3:16p - Drow
I am doing some research for a character so, I can create a history for her. I have read several versons of the "History of the drow". In all the histories that I have read it speaks about the drow joining up with other races to fight the empire. What it doesn't say is how the drow cope with the light. Can anyone enlighten me?

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6:46p - (silly question)
Just a silly question,

Has anyone heard about this "gamer's myth" (I guess particularly amongst D&Ders or other fantasy gamers) concerning the metal band Manowar?
According to the myth, playing Manowar "makes the dice roll better" or some such. Manowar is a metal band whose songs have a sort of fantasy theme. Like, songs about nordic warriors and epic battles and such.
This myth was widely known amongst my earlier playing groups, but when I said something to a more recent group about it, they had no idea what I was talking about, and in fact, had never heard of Manowar.

I was just wondering how common the legend was, or if it, perhaps, was just an isolated phenomenom among a certain group of people.
Ever heard of it?

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After a recent post in roleplayers I figured I was a bit out of the loop as far as Campaign Settings go with Dungeons and Dragons. The poster listed Unearthed Arcana as a setting. I don't think thats right, but I don't know if I am wrong either.

Does anyone know of a website with a list of official settings, perhaps with a short descriptive about the idiocyncracies of each?

Perhaps someone who is in the loop could simply take a shot at listing them all?

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