January 10th, 2006

  • rian_al

Game idea

So I'm thinking of running a game that allows nearly every D20 system around (all editions must be the one currently in use). The only thing is that you have to show me the book/e-book that you'll be using prior so I can learn how it works. So I'm wondering, what systems do people think I should disallow/limit/ban, and do you think this would work?

Happy new year folks & Real Life Roleplaying

Hi folks,

I go to an RPG gathering/club once a week and I was stuck for inspiration for what to do this block. After discussing it with a friend Fionacat

So I decided to do a running man / survival horror / type game where you play yourselves. Also I'm going to split the teams into a group of runners and a group of hunters. It's set in my local area so the players know the region, it's population, weather, shops etc. etc. and it will encourage the players to call on personal knowledge, abilities and personality traits.

Is 'playing yourself' something that is common in this community? Any comments / horror stories / good experiences people wish to share?