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Saturday, January 7th, 2006
4:29a - Needed: Fun suggestions for fandom "cameos"....
Hi there! I am just starting up a new crossover fandom game, and I am trolling for suggestions for a very fun "side project" that is part of the game. The basic premise is that a Loki-like fellow is teleporting creatures and characters from different worlds into the vicinity of Berkeley, California. Not all of them really deserve full NPC status; some are "monsters of the week" and some are simply used as window dressing to help illustrate how truly chaotic and weird the city is becoming.

Thing is, these "bit parts" are supposed to come from a bunch of different fandoms, and although I have some good ideas, I'm always looking for more. If you wanted to give your characters a true "WTF?!?" moment or some new bit of horror to face, what sort of people/creatures/beasties would you have on your "wandering monsters" list for the game?

My ideas thus far:
The Vorpal Bunny
The Knights Who say Ni
It (as in Stephen King's)
Bake-Neko (Japanese mythology)
Creepy-ass ghosts from movies like Ju-On and Sisters
The "two lovers" sea monster from the Uzumaki manga
A small pack of Velociraptors
Dr. Who (Tom Baker version, with or without a complimentary set of Daleks)

Care to suggest? The sillier/weirder, the better!

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