December 28th, 2005

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First Post

Hi folks, long time reader first time poster as the cliche goes. And I come to you with a question. After seeing Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong and subsequently looking through the "Natural History of Skull Island" book at Walden, I got it in my head that it might be fun to do a one-shot game set around an expedition to the afforementioned island. My question is this. What system should I use? My current top contenders are NWoD (because I have it already) and Call of Cthulhu (because it's D20 so I could just grab the dinosaurs out of the Monster Manual and save a bunch of time). Any other suggestions for systems or ways of running this type of game would be greatly appreciated.
Zagato - inspiration sought

Spotlight-loving players

I have a player in my game whom I will call "R." As far as I can tell, R loves to be the center of attention in a game and show off how cool his characters are.

The sticky point is that I'm running what's best described as an "ensemble cast" game (all the characters have moments of being the "star" and moments of being the "supporting cast" - and I told all of them this at the beginning of the game), but R seems to want it to be a "star vehicle" with his PC as the headliner. Earlier in the game, his PC was the center of a plot, and he seemed to have a lot of fun being in the spotlight.

Now, however, the focus has shifted to another PC, and R seems lost. Rather than try to team up with the other PC who's currently in the spotlight, he prefers to have his character go off and do his own thing. I've even tried dropping plot hooks on him to try and get his character into the flow of the story ("The guy tells you he's looking for his daughter..." - the other PC's love interest), but he's been oblivious, at least so far.

Advice? I'm not about to keep making R's PC the star of the show, because that isn't fair to the other players, but I'd also prefer not to just drop him (he's a friend of mine, a decent guy otherwise, and I'm playing in his game right now). Maybe I need a more delicate way to say, "Hey, R, you can't always be the star...." (he doesn't take criticism very well sometimes).
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Roleplaying Chemistry

Just a couple of quick questions that I had that just popped into my head.

Do you find there is a specific player in your usual group that you tend to have the best roleplaying chemistry with regardless of setting?

Is it head and shoulders above the flow you have with the other players in the group?

Do you tend to plan characters and backgrounds out with the person or do you always seem to gel after a couple of sessions without any prior planning?

And, the one that intrigues me the most: do your characters' relationships vary, or do they tend to always be friendly or hostile?

I can think of two players in my last two groups with whom I always had a really good flow character-wise, and with most of the character relationships (even with new characters) we always seemed to end up at odds (and it always worked so well, often with hilarious results).

How about you folks?
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New Year Resolutions

A light hearted one :)
Since everyone else is doing it I thought I'd throw together a New Years Resolution meme and make it special by giving it a RPG twist - Gamer's New Years Resolution.

I've about 200 resolutions and on the hunt for more. Does anyone have any funny stories from their own games which might convert/work well as a generic "gamer resolution?" Email me (see profile) or comment below.

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an RPG quote

"I mock everyone. Every moment that my existence continues I mock them. My continued reality defies them to try and end it."

-Myself in ooc discussion when a player accused me of mocking him.
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