December 21st, 2005

maxell the angel

Mystra temples

Does anyone know if there's a D&D book that shows which gods/goddesses are popular in the various cities of Faerun?

Specifically, I'm looking for which cities have prominent temples that honor Mystra, the goddess of magic.

Crowd control tips for a teenage group?

At the tender age of 13, my stepson has started running a D&D game for his schoolmates. He's having a lot of fun GMing for the first time, but he's getting frustrated with the players because each of them wants his undivided attention, all of the time - so, lots of shouting and pestering and so on.

Any suggestions for ways to deal with this? He's already familiar with the "if you spend ten minutes bickering with one another, that's ten minutes for the monsters to hear you and prepare an ambush" trick, but some way to settle them down and get them to stop competing for attention so much would be nice.