December 13th, 2005

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I apologize in advance if many people have asked this question before, but has anyone played the new Fudge storytelling game.  Could anyone give an opinion of it?

Trying out new games

(Part inspired by the last post in this community, partly by my own current situation.)

Ok, so I'm working on a new campaign, and while I was thinking of going with a system I've used before, I thought this (being an online/PbP game) would be an ideal time to try something new, a system I haven't before.

Of course, depending on the players, it might be new to them as well (and that was a bit of a difficulty in the last game I ran).

But, anyhow, so I'm thinking of trying Tri-Stat for the game (which is a futuristic setting with some cyberpunk/mutant powers/psionics mixed in, so I think it's a good system for that - we'll see!)

This will be the first game in, um, erm, wow, quite some time that I'm trying something new. I tend to get a lot of games (or at least 'get ahold' of them) and read them and rarely do anything with them (then again, I don't get to run too many games, at least not in the past 5+ years, so that's as much if not more an element of my opportunities, not my tendencies to predominantly use systems I've used before).

What I was wondering was, what was the last game you tried out 'blind'? Or even if not blind, do you have any informative/interesting/funny/tragic stories relating to a new system? (By 'new', we mean one new to you/your group.)
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