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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
5:09p - FUDGE

I apologize in advance if many people have asked this question before, but has anyone played the new Fudge storytelling game.  Could anyone give an opinion of it?

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9:30p - Trying out new games
(Part inspired by the last post in this community, partly by my own current situation.)

Ok, so I'm working on a new campaign, and while I was thinking of going with a system I've used before, I thought this (being an online/PbP game) would be an ideal time to try something new, a system I haven't before.

Of course, depending on the players, it might be new to them as well (and that was a bit of a difficulty in the last game I ran).

But, anyhow, so I'm thinking of trying Tri-Stat for the game (which is a futuristic setting with some cyberpunk/mutant powers/psionics mixed in, so I think it's a good system for that - we'll see!)

This will be the first game in, um, erm, wow, quite some time that I'm trying something new. I tend to get a lot of games (or at least 'get ahold' of them) and read them and rarely do anything with them (then again, I don't get to run too many games, at least not in the past 5+ years, so that's as much if not more an element of my opportunities, not my tendencies to predominantly use systems I've used before).

What I was wondering was, what was the last game you tried out 'blind'? Or even if not blind, do you have any informative/interesting/funny/tragic stories relating to a new system? (By 'new', we mean one new to you/your group.)

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