December 9th, 2005


Loyal agent prestige class

A friend of mine and I crafted this prestige class for D&D a few months ago. We tested it a bit, rebalanced it slightly, and the following is the result.

I'd like impute on what you all think of the class. Too powerful? Too weak? Too useless? Please let me know if you see any mistakes or loopholes.

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Vampire Help

Hello All

It was only my fourth game ever of V:TR LARP but because I was the first to turn in my bio the ST basically revolved the evenings events around Moi! Anywho my unaligned Daeva got a chance to (with the Prince and Primogens permission) to kill the sire who abandoned her amidst a slaughter of his coterie and ghouls 85 years ago. Subsequently I lost a point of Humanity (seems Irene enjoyed her first kill a bit TOO much). I have a another roll to make at the next game and if I lose I take on a mild derangement.

I have the Requiem book but it only gives a few of the Derangements. Can anyone give me the full list of Derangements which I believe is in the World of Darkness. I dont need the description since thats a lotta typing and usually the titles explanantion enough.

Thanks in Advance