December 4th, 2005


A question for the community...

I run a WoD LARP with a friend of mine. We work very well together (he is the Rules Guy, I am the Plot Witch). Tonight one of our players brought up a question that, although my co-Storyteller and I both agree on it, a few players disagree, and I'm interested to hear others' opinions on the matter.

The question came up when one of our players tried to remember what a particular NPC had said to him months ago. He asked us, the Storytellers, because the player couldn't remember. Well, we're running a big game with lots of plots and lots of players (and this NPC talked to a lot of people and dropped a lot of different clues), and we couldn't remember, either. The argument was "his character would not have forgotten," because it was important, and the character had a gazillion mental traits.

My stance (and my co-ST backed me up) was that it is not the Storyteller's job to be the players' memory. If the player doesn't remember, the character doesn't remember. Now, I'll make allowances now and then, and we certainly allow our players to write things down to jog their memories (even if their characters don't have an eidetic memory, because we do only play once a month and the happenings in the characters' lives are far more important to the characters than to the players), but both my co-ST and I bristle at the assumption that we should write down every single conversation that every single NPC has with every single character.

Anyway, I was interested to hear other opinions. Should the players be able to rely on the Storytellers to provide information that the player forgot but the character would not have? Or is the onus on the player to write down the important stuff so that his character doesn't forget?
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