November 29th, 2005

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Swords and Sorcery.... or is that Maces and Magic, Axes and Alchemy etc..?

Crossposted to my personal journal. On an RPG design egroup, we're discussing some genre-related theory stuff, and I felt like porting part of the discussion over here mostly just out of curiosity as to what y'all think.I didn't initially raise the question and have a number of thoughts on it (as most gamers do), and so here it is.

Assuming a Conan-type fantasy genre (you know, one with mighty, half-naked barbarians like the ones below),

how much differentiation do you feel different types of weapons need from one another in the rules system? I'm providing a list of categories with somewhat modified explanations from the ones that he used. Collapse )

Now, he was mostly talking about damage traits, but I think that this involves combat maneuvers, defensive qualities and a whole lot more, so I've expanded the scope.

This is obviously opinion-based, so I'm not expecting there to be one right answer.

Note: Yes, I know the "real" Conan had better things to do than run around fighting monsters wearing nothing but a helm, boots and a loincloth, but you know what I'm getting at anyhow and the pics were provided for amusement so let's skip that particular inevitable nitpick.
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Circumstancial woes

I started RPing in this intergalactic RPG which focuses on a specific planet and region; a utopia of sorts. I'm quite enjoying. It's difficult for me to find a sci-fi RPG to my liking. And it's given me a chance to create a character that I would love to write a story about. It involves creating two new species and their cultures. Creating species and cultures is something I've been wanting to do in my writing.

The RPG is enjoyable so far. The other players have created some great and indepth characters. The role play has been rather slow though. I'm not blaming anyone. It's no one's fault. It's just circumstances. I'm just partly relying on this game to aid in develop my character and other story details. The RPG is a private one and so it can't be advertised. And the players may not have much time which is understandable.

Circumstances are just frustrating.

I just joined by the way. Yo yo yo.