November 28th, 2005


next game idea

I am about to run my next session of WoD this week, and I have come up with a great idea to throw at my players.

So far, everything they have seen has been very subtle. Almost mundane infact. So much so, that when I confronted them with an unseen entity that screamed like a banshee and caused the glass ceiling above them to shatter, they became genuinely scared.

Anyway, back to my idea.

Next game, I want to start throwing a lot more phenomena at them. Big scary shadows, strange dripping water, sudden howling winds ect. And I want to make them BIG and BAD!

But, I don’t want them to take away from the slow subtle horror I have been building. so, what I intend to do is throw all this unseen nasty at them, and towards the end of the session, have them all wake up from a shared dream experience.

What are people’s opinions on this concept?
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Yui Holidays

And now for something completely different...

Has anyone here ever held IC holiday parties or purchased or made holiday gifts for people in their RP groups?

A number of Christmases ago, I made all of my players "My character did [x] and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!" T-shirts, each based on something his particular PC had done in the game. ("My character took out an evil sorceress..." and so on).
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