November 23rd, 2005

D20 / D&D Class Constructor

Hey all,

I'm looking for a very particular document, a guideline for creating D&D D20 classes.
I had the file but I've lost it and can't remember the link, of typing 'Class Constructor' into Google returns me a load of C++/java pages but nowt useful.

The document details a process to create your own classes.

The points in this example are not accurate.

You get 250pts to spend on a class, and different options cost different amounts, for example d8 hit dice costs 10 points, a supernatural abiltiy costs 15 points, the ability to cast divine spells cost 100 points, align restricting to lawful gives you 10 points.

So the document is a pdf that details this process, very much like this website,, which unfortunately is not what I'm looking for.

Your help is very much appreciated.