November 21st, 2005

Character Descriptions - cross posted to rpg_creatives

I've written a few games for conventions or one-shot games in the past and I keep trying to better the 'character background sheet' that goes with the character. From the character you can easily see that the character has +5 to his sense motive score, or can shoot a gun at 25%. However, there are more important things from a role-playing point of view...

Currently the template for these characters or even non-player characters is:

Code Name:
Recent Background:
Primary Motivation:
What brings out the best in you:
What brings out the worst in you:
What are you afraid of:
Darkest Secret:
Greatest Treasure:
Relation to other characters:
What did you have for breakfast:

I wondered if anyone else had experience of such things or comments in general?

oh for the love of pete....

some lovely problems have begun to arise in my local larp werewolf game.

a lot of the more inexperienced players have begun to base their character reactions to other characters on OOC information.

does anyone have any suggestions on how to help combat this, either for the players in question, the ST or maybe ways that the "good" players can help others to avoid it?