November 7th, 2005

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Tabletop Game with Online Presence

I'm wondering if anyone has done this, and has any advice on how to proceed:

I've started a Pirates type campaign with four wonderful women, and even though we are all very excited about playing again, it appears that our schedules do not allow for frequent sessions. This is a tabletop game that demands fast pacing, and quick transitions from scene to scene.

What I would like to see is most of the shipboard activities and relationships played out online, so that we can play out "knitting circle" scenes (where characters chatter endlessly to one another about whether Bessie-Sue-Six-Fingers is going finally marry the prisoner down below decks or just torture him some more) without slowing down the pacing of a live-table-top session.

Is LJ a good venue for this sort of thing?

What pitfalls/problems should I be looking out for?
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The Past Life Flashback

So in my Mage game, I've been building up the hints and clues that the PCs have been embroiled in this centuries-spanning conflict. Last week, one of them embarked on his own little past life regression experiment. So I'm thinking it's just about time for that collective vision quest to the night Norton I, Fisher King of the American West, and former life of one of the PCs, died.

Now, I'm wondering, should I get involved with it? One thing I'm thinking about is doing up physical abilities for their past selves, to represent that the PCs are inhabiting bodies other than their own. They'd keep their mentally-based skills and Awakened magic, though. With this interpretation, it'd be like their minds were psychically projected into the past.

On the other hand, I could save myself some grief and do it Quantum Leap-style, where the PCs are the PCs, only with the appearances of their past selves. If I go this way, I'd play up the fact that it's really more of an ephemeral journey into the collective unconsciousness, as opposed to some kind of mental time travel.