October 23rd, 2005

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Does anybody know where fantasy information for nWoD might be found? I'd like to see how others have handled traditional fantasy races, weapons, and armor before I make any kind of investment writing the material myself. And while exalted might fit the bill in some ways I'm looking for something a little more down to earth. Low fantasy if you will.

(no subject)

I have a few questions, just looking for you guys to weigh in as appropriate.

I have a Shadowrun game, that is running from the perspective of the cops (somewhat similar to an Evil D&D campaign, it's a switch from the norm)

I'm having a ton of trouble attracting players too it. Without putting a flyer up on the bullettin board in my game store, 'cause then I'll end up with too many players for me to handle, how can I attract players to my game?

Also, within the game, I have an NPC that I want to include, but his profile happens to land in my own Role-playing blind spot. The NPC is a bubbly spontaneous Super-Hero wannabe. He's meant as a joke, but will play a pivotal role in plots to come. Unfortunately, I am a very serious person, and enjoy very planned sessions. How can I deal with this?

I had been toying with borrowing a concept from LARPs, having a GM's Aide play the NPC, someone who was more comfortable with the character role. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone in my circle of friends who would be willing to sit out a ton of the time in order to play a character that is in many ways dictated to him/her.

I could use opinions, whatever they are.
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