October 22nd, 2005


How much is too much?

I'm currently a player, but I have DM'd in the past and have a question for you. Our current DM forced alignment changes upon every carachter in the party who wasn't previously evil. He did this by having a preacher for an evil god conduct a ceremony in front of us after which alignment change was forced unless we beat a DC 30.
Before the event I asked if the ceremony was evil, and he said "no". He even went so far as to say that it was "good".

The excuse for the DC being 30 was the preacher's roll for the ceremony was 19 on a d20, plus a d6 from an Eberron "action point" and another d6 from the feat "dark one's own luck", a "Wheel of Time" feat (and we haven't even been using that book). He later recanted and said it was a different feat from "Books of vile darkness" which when checked later only offered a +1. The rolls were not in a position in which they could be seen to prove the result.

My Girlfriend is playing for the first time in any campaign as a Healer (from the Miniatures Handbook), a class which must be good. The DM says it's ok because "evil deities need healing too".

I always felt that the strength in the game is that anything we did before had some book or precedent to back up what happened, and without that it seems that we're just following the power mad delusions of a DM gone bad. But there are other game systems (i.e. the old White Wolf System) that state the rules are meant to be ignored for the advancement of the story. Is the current DM breaking the rules to his own advantage or am I just being a whiny bastard?
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