October 21st, 2005


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I really don't like DMing most of the time. It gives me headaches because none of the Players listen to me. I'm a girl DM, and that may have something to do with it because 3/4 of my Player group is guys. But it's still just horribly frusterating.
Sometimes they even argue with me to try and change my rulling. Ever hear the Dr. Demento skit, you know, where they're arguing about the trolls?
Yeah, thats pretty much how my sessions go. >.<
But, in the end, it's still preferable to having one of them as a DM for me. I remember the reason I became a DM in the first place. I'd gotten so sick of hearing "the seven basic races, or you can be a drow".
So my husband and I had bought the Savage species book, because it showed us how to make new races and I could finally put this huge, rampant imagination of mine to work.
But of course, this started a whole new mantra to replace that. Now it was "Sure, you can play that, but I'll just make the monsters 10x stronger".
Oh yay. Thats just what makes me want to play this game.
Knowing that the DM has it out for me and my character is most likely going to die.
Once I even got told that I could play the character, but that they'd have to be in disguise through the entire game because otherwise they'd be killed on-sight.
I'm a firm beliver that the DM controls the world you're playing in, not matter what the book may say about it. In the end, it's all about your personal creativity. So to me it just sounds like instead of just telling me no, the guy would rather be vindictive and ruin the whole session for me.
But anyroad, after that, my husband bought a DMs guide, and I started running games with just me and him. And eventually I started letting our friends come to the games and thats how we got to the beginning of this post.
So, my question is I guess, am I just totally out of my gourd here? I mean, I know the seven basics are okay sometimes, but as far as I know, they didn't make books like Races of Faerun and Savage species as just decorative collectors items, right?
And is it really fair to litterally single a PC out for death, just because you don't like the character they want to play?
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NPCs in the party

Hey guys,

I'm currently running an Eberron game for six players. A couple of sessions ago, the party acquired an airship with a special property--a dryad had been accidentally bound to the ship, as her tree was used in the creation of the ship. Since they couldn't fly the ship without her assistance, and they couldn't leave her behind or otherwise kill her for fear of how it would affect the ship, they had to talk her into going with them willingly. Which they did, after a fashion.

Since then, about twenty days have passed in game-time, most of which have been spent on the ship. In that time, only one player has made an effort to interact with the dryad. I hesitate in creating roleplaying situations with her simply because there are so many other players, and I hate leaving everyone else hanging while focusing on one or two specific characters (especially since we play in a small apartment and there's really no place else to go to get away from the noise of people kibbitzing).

So my question to you all is twofold. How should I retroactively determine the dryad's opinion/reaction to each of the PCs? And how can I encourage interaction with her in the future?

Thanks in advance.
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