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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Thursday, October 20th, 2005
12:37p - Pimpin' CT Ain't Easy... ::lol:: (x-posted)
Just to let you all know, I've got some Classic Traveller Lots up for sale on on eBay. Links are behind the cut if you're interested. (I normally don't do this, but I figured some of the old-timers might be interested).

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12:53p - Findplay and Frapper!
FindPlay was created by Clinton R. Nixon of Anvilwerks, creator of Donjon and The Shadow of Yesterday.

It's a database of roleplayers - nice minimal interface *and* you put in info about the games you've played so you can find other people (and they can find you!)

Also, just for kicks I've created a Frapper for this community here. Check it out and add yourself - that way we can see where all everyone is from. I put my real name in and included my LJ handle in parenthesis, I figure that's a good format for this thing.


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9:57p - Because its free
The nWoD corebook is currently free in e-book form.



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