October 15th, 2005

  • espher

That Painful Moment

I am of course referring to the moment when a player catches a glimpse of the GM/DM/ST/Guy Behind the Screen's notes and has that painful "Oh, Good God, no..." reaction. How often has this happened to you?

I can recall two such instances. One was a painfully long dungeon that we had been in for three sessions. The GM, who I was sitting 'beside' (I was just closest to him) dropped a 'sheet' off his desk that whisked towards me. It was four sheets of graph paper (I think at 5 sq/inch) taped together, labelled 2/20. It made me cringe, simply because the guy was horrible at running combat encounters, and this was a combat-heavy dungeon.

The second was just last weekend during our crazy-munchkiny-high-power-epic-level-d20-Modern-Future-Apocalypse-Urban-Arcana-space-opera-time-travelling-thingy game. There were only two players there (the GM was late so people had grown impatient and left), and we had been split up (not really -- the other player got impatient and run on ahead). He got attacked from behind and something bit him, causing him to black out (I'm still not 100% sure what it was, but it sure as hell had an insanely high save DC). The GM was skimming through some notes while holding on to the Menace Manual (d20 Modern Monster Manual, fyi). As he leaned forward I happened to catch part of a picture I recognized, not from the Menace Manual (but which I hadn't read), but from Alternity's Dark Matter setting.

The Étoile.

I don't remember exactly what I said, but I do remember it started out with me going "Oh, sweet Jesus Christ, no, you've got to be fscking kidding me." It apparently carried on for some time because the other player had this panicked look on his face while the GM was just looking at me with this amused grin.


Got any stories worth sharing? ;)