October 12th, 2005

Zagato - inspiration sought

Getting back IC after game hiatus

Does anyone here have any advice for a player who's trying to reconnect with her characters after the game has resumed after a hiatus? I'm in an online (play-by-post, on LJ) game that has just resumed after a two or three-month hiatus, and I'm having trouble reconnecting with my characters after so long away.
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Zagato - inspiration sought

Playing a character who's not like you

Yes, I've got another question. :)

Does anyone have any advice that a GM can give a player who's trying to play a character that's radically different from himself? I have a player in my tabletop game who wants to play a subtle, manipulative, scheming character, but the player himself is as subtle as the proverbial brick - and he plays his character exactly the same way (essentially, he acts like a bull in a china shop OOC *and* IC). While I applaud his attempts to try something new, some of the other players and I agree that it's getting almost painful to watch him try to be subtle IC and fail miserably - and then wonder why his character isn't the way he envisioned it.
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My StarGate team, has come up with some truely fun names to call themselves.
While it's all IC, the LT. Col, Major, Sgt, Captian and civilian all talk correctly,
full titles and all to and in front of others, get them off world and it's a
different story.

The Lt. Col, who during a training exercise took over 7 knock out shots, made
ever Fort save, and kept going: he's been nicked the Funky Monkey, or alternately
the Super-wierldo.

The Major, introduced herself as Major Chan, or Major Chang. She keeps being called
Niki Lee, or sometimes Jackie...

The Sergent, a greese monkey Army Mechanic, she's called Wheels, due to her fast
driving (yes, had a few travelling excort type missions) or Greese, especially with
her lack of tact.

The Captian, he's called Blindman, or sometimes Sticky Fingers. Coming from
Area 51, he's always finding ways to lift alien tech, while he can't hit anything.

The civilian, lingustics and Social Culteral anthropologist.. After our second
mission, she's been called everything under the sun. but mostly Lights, or
Flashlight: instead of using the handgun she was given, or even the p90 at her
feet, she instead attacked a drugged, PCP/woad Celtic Warrior with a flashlight.

What kinds of nicknames develop in your games?
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