October 10th, 2005


GM advice

A quick question for the community:

You just got a new RPG. Let's call it 'Bing the RPG'. New setting, new rules, that sort of thing. At the end of the book (just before the crappy index) is the GM advice section. What do you want this section to say? I'm curious about what people look for in the GM sections. Do you want some plot hooks and campaign ideas? Or do you want indepth discussion of the themes and how they can be brought into the game? Or maybe rules notes?

I know most GM sections include a bit of everything, but what would you prefer as the focus?
The other white meat

(no subject)

Recently there have been some great posts made pertaining to funny exchanges that have been made during other peoples games! I wanted to bring to everyones attention a community specifically about saying or doing humorous things in roleplaying games. Its called the rpg_quotes community, and I'd like to invite everyone to join it and share the "witty" banter,as well as the fault and folly of their games.

I hope that my sharing this doesn't violate any community rules, if it does I apologize and will refrain from doing so again. :)

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