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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Monday, October 3rd, 2005

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10:22p - One-on-One Gaming
While I'm (hypothetically) playing in a Truth and Justice game, as well as running an Iron Heroes game, I've yet to actually play either of them. (We did character creation for Iron Heroes and haven't pulled off anything for T&J yet).
I'm not just here to complain (though I would absolutely love to). There's a point to all this.

I still need to roleplay, even if everyone's making that impossible. My girlfriend, who's new to roleplaying entirely (I just bought her first set of dice for her), wants to play. I'll be running a one-on-one game for the both of us.
I turn to you for suggestions as to what to use. After introducing her to Iron Heroes, she says she definitely wants something rules-light. I'm leaning toward Unisystem (either classic or cinematic) and creating my own setting based on her preferences. There's also Exalted, as I know she's interested in it. However, I'm welcome to suggestions.

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I could also use some general advice on running one-on-one games. I've never done it before.

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