September 30th, 2005

'Alt' - RPG crossover - a pretenious musing

Something I've always found interesting about my local gaming scene has been the number of people who play RPGs that I know go to local punk/rock/ska/emo nights and gigs, are comic book or anime fans or other forms of geeks. Whom, for want of a less cliched possibly derogotary term, are 'alt'; be they goths, emo-kids, spooky-kids, old-school punks.

It may be a peculiarity of the scene in Aberdeen, UK where the choice of pubs/clubs are limited, or may be the high population of students (with two universities), or maybe it's just been a series of events where people were motivated to do stuff at different timees. Where a certain level of cross-pimping occurs, if you go to this store why don't you check out this club night? if you go to this store why don't you check out this society? as your at this club night why don't you come in the store tommorrow? if you are at this society why don't you check out this band?

My main query is; has anyone else noticed this in their local environment?
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Categories of Role-Playing

I'm familiar with most types of roleplaying, however I am sure there are some I haven't heard of.
So I suppose my question is this, what categories of roleplaying are you familiar with?

Common ones I'm aware of:
Instant Message(Is there a better name for this?)
Email(previous question applies)

SilCore Vehicle Design Program

Hi, I'm Wil (one of the moderators from the DP9 forums as well as a long time JC and Tribe 8 GM). I've been working for several months on a vehicle design program for the SilCore VCS as presented in the SilCore Deluxe rules. Well, it's pretty much in a workable beta form right now and I'm opening up the message forum I've set up for people to start testing it.

System requirements are, sorry to non-Windows users, pretty much Windows XP. It requires the .NET Framework 1.1, the latest version of MDAC (if you use Windows Update or have SP2 you should have both of these) as well as Jet Database Engine 4.0 or later (anyone with Windows 98 or higher should have this and I don't see why the app wouldn't work on Win98 if you have the .NET Framework). I chose the .NET Framework because it simplifies things that would be more difficult in platform independent languages yet still leaves the door open for conversion to a platform independent language.

Please note that I am not a professional developer (I'm a SQL monkey by trade) and this is not an official project - although I've tried my best to design a product that meets what most people expect from modern software developments as well as adhere to the letter and the spirit of SilCore's vehicle construction system. As such, input from development professionals is more than welcome even if you have little real interest in Silhouette.

The group addy is

If you want to help out, come on over and join in.