September 29th, 2005


A trend I noticed...

So I went to Anime Weekend Atlanta this past weekend and had a booth there. Did VERY well. However, I want to bring up a distirbuing trend I noticed with people who came by my booth. When I asked them if they game a shocking number of people responded that they do but it is hard to find other people to play with. It's not just AWA where this happened but at Gen Con too. I of course referred them to but none the less it seems a growin trend.

Is it because less and less retailers have room for RPG gamers? I differenate RPG gamers from CCG gamers because last year I talked to a local retailer about demoing a game there and he said and I shit you not " I don't like having role-playing games played in the store because it annoys the card gamers.". He sold RPGs at his store. Had plenty of room to play RPGs at his store. Go figure.

Another thing that could be a hinderance is finding other players to play. In hind sight, I can see that being a problem. The many complaint I heard from those who talked to me at this cons was , unless it's D&D their group didn't want to play it. Is this an isolated thing or trend?
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