September 28th, 2005

What are you playing?

Thought it'd be cool to see what everyone is currently playing/running... or has in the works.


  • Gotham Knights: 2043, an online/PBP forum game using the DC HEROES RPG, 3RD EDITION (aka the MEGS/Blood of Heroes game), about an alternate future of the DCU.
  • In the works: Munden's Bar, also an online/PBP forum game, about adventures in the city of Cynosure, from the Grimjack comic book. System will (most likely) be DC HEROES RPG, 3RD EDITION.


And, sadly, that's it. Was playing in a nWoD game, playing an irish thug working for the mafia, but kinda got sick of a scene dragging b/c of only one post every 2 weeks. :P
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