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Monday, September 26th, 2005
So what's more lame for making fun of all your friends who started gaming with D&D, and have now gone whole hog into d20?

Buying back into Gurps and forcing your players along for the ride because it's what you cut your teeth on when you were a younger and skinnier nerd.

That's what I just did.

I ordered GURPS Basic Characters and Campaigns, Space, Infinite Worlds, Religion, and Wierd War II. (all but the last one w/ a specific game in mind)

It's been a while since I've played GURPS, has much changed in the 4th ed from the 3rd? (although, too late... just curious :D )


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8:35p - I think I need to make a new character, but...
... can someone suggest an activity to keep one entertained on a starship for a little under seven and a half million years? The elf will stick around for another thousand years or so, but then that toy is gone.

Anyone got any suggestions for a concept for a new d20 Future character? ;)

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8:59p - So I ask the Bard what his performance is...
So I ask the Bard in my party what his specified performance was...

So I was expecting singing, telling jokes, reciting prose...but no


Yes. The Bard in my gaming group "Raps" to inspire courage.

hysterical I tell you

What weird Perform skills have you come across?

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